from the maddened crowd

I often find myself thriving from the energy others. Crowds are even better.  Match that with one of the biggest concerts to hit Cambodia this year (or ever), a couple of top notch artists (one of whom was designed and styled by Cait) and a crowd of young Cambodians just rocking it out, .  I’m there like a vampire.  So this past Saturday at the Jessie J and Laura Mam concert hosted by SMART mobile, I found myself in the crowds.  And in these situations, I can never really stand still.  So with my cammy cam in hand, I started wandering, trying to capture some of that energy and all the excitement.  When I first arrived in Cambodia eight years ago, an event of this magnitude was unheard of.  A Western artist?  They could only be pulled in by acts of charity and some noble cause. That happened once. A decade later, the youth of Cambodia, a majority of the population, are emerging as a force in media markets. The record companies are listening.   And fun and selfie sticks will be had by all.

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